In October, the expected production of EV +ESS batteries increased by 8% month-on-month

On September 1, Seven governement including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of Customs, the General Administration of Financial Supervision and the National Energy Administration, jointly released the <Work Plan for the steady Growth of the Automotive Industry (2023-2024)>. The plan proposes that in 2023, the auto industry will maintain a stable and good development trend, and the annual car sales are expected to r

TD: The inventory has increased, and the production scheduling indicate

the sale is lower than the market expectation1) The inventory index of automobile industry has risen and is in the depression stage CPCA considers that the EV sales in last august was relatively high, the market yoy growth rate in august would decrease. CPCA estimated that wholesale of passenger electric car in august was 800,000, year-on-year growth rate was 27% and mom growth rate was 9%. Since the beginning of this year, the cumulative passenger electric car wholesale reached 5.08 million, an increase of 39% compared to the same period of th

TD:2023-8,China EV battery production will decrease by 1.38% month-on-month

Sales of EV: the off-season effect is obvious in August In June, the retail sales of EV reached 665,000, compared with 717,000 in May, -7.7% mom growth rate, and the EV penetration rate in vehicle retail market reached 35.1%. However, in July, the retail sales of EV are expected to reach 600,000, -9.8% MoM growth rate. The penetration rate in the retail vehicle market reached 35.8%, which increased by 0.7%, and was caused by the fact that the ICE vehicle had substantially implemented short-term promotional activities in June for completing the sale goal of the first half of the year, and began to return to normal in July. However, the leading enterprises such as Xiaopeng and NIO have been beginning to introduce second half year promotion programs, so the penetration rate of EV in July exceeded June; On the basis of the average installed battery capacity per EV in 2023 is 41.9KWh, the...

Demand Analysis of China's ESS Projects (Weekly Report)

TD | Be a partner of great company About Dadong Times(TD) In the context of global economy restructuring, TD closely follows the energy and digital economy, focusing on different characteristics of the early, middle, mature and declining stages of industrial development. With in-depth analysis of the industrial chain, capital chain and information chain of the enterprise, we help the enterprise to establish the strategic direction, optimize the enterprise status and timely grasp the market dynamics. Our professional services can help enterprises to enhance their core competitiveness. TD's primary approach is to obtain front-line information from industry experts through face-to-face interviews; Secondly, through the industry big data of the upstream and downstream of the industry, we build the scientific analysis method to find the industrial law and establish the industry predicti...

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